Reasons for Harrowing

The flexible harrow was invented in the late 1800's.

Since that time, William Hackett has continued the spirit of innovation by consistently offering the finest, most innovative harrows on the market today manufactured using the finest quality steel with a high resistance to wear.

  • Scarifies hay and pasture land to stimulate new growth and loosen crusted surface
  • Root aeration for better water infiltration and growth
  • Covering broadcast seed for effective germination
  • Herbicide incorporation to level the ground and seal in herbicide for maximum effect
  • Eliminates crusting, breaks up clods and levels cultivated ground
  • Self cleaning action spreads difficult material without plugging the tines
  • Environmentally friendly grass care.
  • Loosen and level paths and driveways.
  • Ring maintenance for smooth, well prepared traction
  • Saves time and fuel as the harrows can be pulled behind all types of tractors, 4x4's, ATV's and utility vehicles

If you have any questions about our harrows and harrowing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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